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This blog was created for any and all interested muses to come and try for interactions. I do have some reserves with OCs since I had bad experiences, but feel free to try your luck?
I have admittedly been out of the loop as far as newer anime and manga, and in general may very well not know much about which world surrounds the characters I may meet, but it is all part of the wonder and fun of RP: discovering worlds and people.

I have read through all of Tsubasa in french language, and so I may write Shaoran, being used to see it that way (also in Card Captor Sakura fansubs!). I will try and spell it ‘Syaoran’ since this is what english people have apparently seen in the official english translation. Some characters may also not bear the same name or spelling, such as Fay, whom in the french translation is ‘Fye’.

Should there be any concerns, feel free to send me a message. I try hard to conciliate!

I shall be looking forward to the endless adventures that may come!

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Default muse: Post-Tsubasa (spoilers may lie around throughout this blog)

After the events of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Syaoran has set himself to become a dimensional traveler in hopes to find a suitable body for his father. Mokona, Kurogane and Fay accompany him on his voyage.

The possibilities of interactions are endless, seeing as this muse simply ends up in another world, perhaps (and most likely) separated from the others, which gives him a goal wherever he may end up:  find his companions once more, research the current world merely for the sake of knowledge, or find a suitable body for his father to live once more.

-Anytime within the events of Tsubasa.

Another option is to pick a point within the manga/anime timeline and develop from there, as this muse has two possible iterations within the storyline.

-Card Captor Sakura verse

For those of us that would be nostalgic about the manga or anime that is another of the alternate universes.
It should be noted, for the non-initiated, that the Syaoran from CCS and the one from Tsubasa are not linked to each other.


Concerning Tsubasa World Chronicles, I intend to keep up with the manga scanlations (and buy it once it is released by Pika Editions most likely!) and as such it will also be an option.

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tumblrbot said:

"This surprised me." The teenager had to admit he thought he had seen it all, but this voice and its owner had come out of nowhere. "Favorite inanimate object—"

"It’s Mokona!!"
"You’re everything but inanimate, though."
"Mokona can stay very very still! Watch!"

A shake of head from Shaoran and a light smile as his companion proceeded to do as it stated.
Besides, he wasn’t sure if his answer ‘sakura’ was considered inanimate or not, as arguably petals could float upon the lightest breeze…

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